How to stop Caving to the Cravings.

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How to stop Caving to the Cravings.

You're on your weight loss journey, you're winking at yourself with pride at how well you've been doing, you even notice that your jeans are sliding up super easy and that your top is a little loose around the tummy. You got this down, this weight loss thing is a piece of cake........
And then it hits. That feeling of mouth watering salivation when you get a wiff of freshly cooked hot chips coming from the staff room. "Want some?" your workmate asks? You're torn, you want that hot body, all those health benefits, you want to feel great, but you also, really, REEAAALLLLY want some of those crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside, hot sticks of heaven, lightly salted to perfection!
So what do you do? How do you build up your will power and overcome the dreaded cravings?

1. Drink Water!! All too often we crave certain foods when really we are dehydrated! Go have a good 500mL of water then come back in 5 mins and make a better decision. TRy and drink 2-3L a day to keep the cravings at bay, and to keep you hydrated. 

2. Eat protein and fibre. They'll help you feel fuller for longer hence reducing your need to crave.
Things like chicken, cottage cheese, eggs, greek yogurt, protein powder, smashed protein cookies (yes!!! you can have them!)  and spinach, beans, flax seeds, chia seeds, broccoli, apples.

3. Get Busy......................................., hey, wait you didn't think I meant THAT did you?????
 Well hey, if that's what it takes then who am I do deny it. ;)
But seriously, take your mind off it (the craving) by getting something productive done and focusing on it 100%, no time for cravings in that situation. 

4. Plan your Meals. When you have your meals planned throughout the day and you know your next meal isn't to far away you're able to hold out just that bit longer and let the craving pass. It helps your will power increase. :)

5. Avoid getting Ravenous! We all know that point when we have missed lunch and it hits 2.30pm and we're ready to unleash our super saiyan on anyone who stands in the way of us and that cream filled donut with soft icing sugar dusted on the top. Don't let yourself get to that point!

6. Be Mindful. If you decide you ARE going to have a piece of whatever, get a set amount and take it away from the kitchen (never eat straight from the bag), Enjoy it, and eat only what you have portioned for yourself. The trick is not to turn into a ravenous cookie monster trying to fill that old habit. 

7. Eat proper meals throughout the day. Each meal should include Protein, Carbs, Fats (healthy ones like avocados and almonds) and Fibre. 

8. Have healthy replacements available. Things like protein bars, protein cookies, bliss balls, Peanut butter and banana, sugar free weigh watchers Jelly, Cookie crumb parfaits with fruit and greek yogurt (mmmmmm), 4 pieces of Dark Ghana chocolate, a Coffee (this is actually SOOOOO helpful), even those Nice and Natural Protein Nut Bars are great and low in sugar. Find what works for you. 

All and all please remember, you are not alone! A lot of people crave foods at one stage or another, and learning to manage it and training your body to crave less often is what is going to get you to your goals. Be aware of what triggers set you off, so that they're easier to avoid. And don't beat yourself up if you give in, but always, always, always reflect on the situation and what you can do next time to stop it from happening. And remember WHY you're doing it, healthy life, weight loss, muscle gain, looking hot as f***, reducing diabetes, whatever the reason, hold it in your head and draw power from it. 
We never fail, we always learn (how ya like that bit of inspiration to end it ). 
Really, it's just a matter of time and adjusting your habits to fit with your goals. 


  • ddlrmmeoas

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • jenna palmer

    wow just read that after my op almost 5 months ago i just cant get my head into it again but today is the 1st day back on track i have put 5 kgs on after reading this made me write everything out and take one day at a time..

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