If my 56 year old Mother in Law can do it, then what's stopping me?? Nikki's Story.

If my 56 year old Mother in Law can do it, then what's stopping me?? Nikki's Story.

It was always hard for her to lose weight. 
After having kids, she just never seemed to be able to lose it. She often wondered if this was it for her now....

Nikki joined in with the ladies from Women Empowering Women, Body & Mind NZ, to take up the challenge to transform her body. 
And holy crapamoondo the changes she made in 10 weeks were innnncredible! So much so that I just had to ask her what shifted in her to make that change and to send her on this new path back to her old self. 

So what made you join the Body & Mind Summer Challenge?
My Mother in Law had done a previous challenge and had an incredible transformation, she actually won the "Transformation" prize. She's in her 50's and I thought to myself, "If she can do it, then what's stopping me?" 
Her photo's were amazing, really inspiring.
That was really the deciding factor for me, seeing someone that I knew in real life actually follow through and achieve what she had set out to.

What goals did you have for the Challenge?
I had a pretty vague goal at the start, it was just to "lose weight". 
But in the first week we were set a weekly challenge to dig a bit deeper on our goals and set some short term and longer term ones. 
So I set the goal to lose 3kgs by week 5. Considering how hard I'd worked in the past and hardly lost anything, I thought this was realistic. Well, I lost 3.9kgs in the first week! When I saw that I was so motivated to keep going as hard as I could, I really felt like this was the time for me to really give it my all.

Why was it different for you now compared to the other times you've tried to lose weight?
I think being the start of the year helped, and that the challenge started when the kids were due back at school, so didn't have to worry about having them around the house in the holidays.
Also there was no distractions. 
I had separated from my partner and so I really was making all the decisions about food and my day without having to take anyone else into account, apart from the kids. But it meant I could plan my days exactly how I wanted them. I think that helped.
Also I didn't really go out socially hardly at all during the challenge, but at the same time I didn't feel like I was missing out on anything, I didn't feel it was a sacrifice. 

What new habits have you created after doing the Body & Mind Challenge?
I have a few new habits that I'm loving.
I have a tall glass of water every morning when I wake up with Apple Cider Vinegar. That starts my day off feeling hydrated and ready to go. 
And now I always have have two 1.5L bottles of water on the bench that I aim to drink every day.
Also exercise is a definite now, I know if I don't keep it up then I'll go completely back to where I was and I don't want that at all.

How has the challenge helped keep you accountable and motivated?
I knew that I had to send the weigh ins to Sim each week and knowing that I had someone checking in on me really helped me stay accountable. 
I kind of had a reward type meal on the Saturday as well, after my weigh in of course and that gave me something to look forward to. 
When I would do my shopping on Wednesday I would always have that treat meal in mind as well, so I could prepare for it and have everything I needed. I really think this helped me stay on track too, knowing I wasn't completely depriving myself of foods I enjoyed.

Did you follow a particular style of eating or "diet"?
I didn't intend to at the start, but there were a few rules that evolved for me during the Challenge. I started with not eating after 8pm and doing my workout on an empty stomach in the morning.
I ended up following an intermittent fasting type plan, where I wouldn't eat until 12pm and then eat my meals within that 12-8pm 8 hour window. 
I have 3 kids, 1 at intermediate and 2 at kindy, so my mornings are hectic getting everyone organised and off to where they need to be. By the time I'm home from the school run, there's really only time for my workouts and housework jobs. So I found it better not to have to try and fit a meal in there as well.
It just worked out better for me.
I get it's not for everyone, but I think finding what works for you and your current situation is really helpful in sticking it out.

What about exercise?

What type did you do?
Like I said I exercised on an empty stomach and I think that really helped. I just did body weight exercises to start with and then I got to a point where my weight loss stalled a wee bit and I freaked out. 
So I changed my exercise to be more H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training) that I found workouts to do on Pinterest. 
And I would only do that for like 20mins and then finish with some abs exercises.

And how did you fit it in to your day?
I would do it in the morning when the young ones were at kindy. Some days I was flat out in the morning and so I would have to do it when they were home. 
They were super annoying, but I still just carried on and I think that was better than giving up and doing nothing.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to lose weight who may be new to everything?
Jump on the challenge page and read the posts on there, it really motivates you. I think because you realise you're not the only one who's going through these things, and you can relate to how others are feeling. 
I didn't post a lot on the group because I really don't use Facebook that much and am quite shy in nature. But even though I didn't do the talking, I got SO MUCH out of being in the group and following along with the challengers. 

"This Challenge has really changed my life"

It wasn't until the after photos that I realised how much of a big change my changes were. 
I mean I noticed little changes throughout the challenge, like when my pants started falling down, which motivated me even more! 
But looking in the mirror every day I couldn't see how big the changes were until I put those photos side by side. 

I am so proud of Nikki's achievements!! Not just of losing 14.25% of her body weight (13.9kgs) in 10 weeks, but also the changes that were made within her mind!
Really, that's were the real winning is done! Changing your mindset so that eating well and living healthy become a part of your every day life. So that you feel stronger, healthier, more energetic and you get to grab life with two hands. 
Passion and excitement become amplified and you really get to live your life to Full capacity.
Thanks so much Nikki, for joining Sim and I (Heather) for our Summer challenge and letting us be a part of your incredible journey. <3

If you're interested in doing our next Challenge it starts on the 23rd June 2018. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO 
Also join our free Facebook group Women Empowering Women - Body & Mind NZ, it's amazing what can happen when ladies stick together and raise each other up. 


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