Nut Butter Bars - Great Kids Lunchbox Idea

Nut Butter Bars - Great Kids Lunchbox Idea

I don't know about you but my kids spend (and want to spend) SOOOOOO musch time on their screen, or thinking about being on their screens. 
And I am just so sick of not doing anything WITH them. So we introduced Screen Free Sunday (which the kids were less than thrilled about). 

But then I thought heck, since my hubby and I do our Meal prep on Sundays, why not get the kids into it as well. And get them coming up with some healthy lunchbox ideas. Yes it will make for a busier kitchen, but it gives them something to do that isn't telling me about what Dan TDM had for breakfast, or what his latest hair colour is. 

So we've taken to baking or making their "sweet" lunch boz treats, instead of buying boring ones. 
They get to scroll through Pinterest or recipe books and pick out a recipe that they'd like to try and we head to the super market to stock up on ingredients and get baking! 

And while I do suggest going with healthier snack options, sometimes we do just make a stackload of cookies, Sugar and all. Catch is, they only get one a day either in their lunch boxes or for afternoon tea (their choice).

This week though. No Bake Nutty Butter Bars! We found the recipe in an old recipe book sent out from and I've made it before for me, but my 10 year old Loves it!


And while they still argue over who's going to do the mixing first and who's gonna melt the PB and coconut oil on the stove top, it's much nicer to hear them arguing about that rather than who's turn it is on the playstation. 

Want the recipe??

1 cup pitted dates
1 cup of your fav nut/fruit/seed mix
2 scoops of Vanilla Pea protein (my favs are Clean Lean Protein and Green Tea x50 Vegan Protein)
1 1/4 cup oats
1 Tbsp coconut oil
1/4 cup honey or maple syrup
1/4 cup smooth Peanut Butter (we use Pics or Pams Finest)
Pinch of salt

  • Blend or finely chop dates until they form a dough-like consistency 
  • Put all dry ingredients into a large mixing bowl and rub in dates until well combined. (This was really interesting to see what they thought was a dry ingredient and what wasn't, so for clarity's sake, dry ingredients are Nut/fruit/seed mix, protein, oats)
  • In a saucepan mix honey (or maple syrup), Peanut Butter, and coconut oil on a low heat until mixed through (don't let it get too hot).
  • Pour wet mixture into dry mixture and mix thoroughly.
  • Line a square tin with baking paper and tip mixture in.Press mixture into tin until flat put in the fridge for 30 mins to harden


These will last approx a week in the fridge (that is, if you let them only have one a day haahah) or 3 months in the freezer :)


We made 12 bars and 6 bite sized squares (for miss 1) So there's enough for one each school day and one on the weekend. :)

There's also a discount code for you to use on any of the Clean Lean Protein goods at which will give you 15%off. :) 
CODE IS - 15OFF  don't forget to use that when you get your protein. 

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