Protein Cookie Crumbs.

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Protein Cookie Crumbs.

Weight Loss Journeys can have SO MANY emotions attached! Throw in the mix that you're hungry and SO OVER chicken breast and it can be a recipe to fall off the wagon.

Eating to your goals doesn't have to mean missing out though! I struggled with getting over my chocolate addiction. I could literally eat an entire block of Whittakers Almond Gold in one sitting. So when I started taking an interest in what I was putting in my body there was bound to be a sugar fed monster putting up a fight. 
I started hitting that craving with protein bars and cookies, and that worked for a while, but I needed to find something with more versatility that I could recreate other desserts in a healthy way and still HIT THAT SPOT. Think cheesecakes, Trifles, slices, bliss balls, even carrot cake!!?

Thats when I stumbled these Cookie Crumbs. They were High in Protein (YAASSS coz I need to grow some muscle baby!), Low in Carbs, Gluten Free and best of all SUGAR FREE!! My eyes nearly burst out of my head!
So here I was thinking, ok, these sound to darn good to be true, they probably taste like s***. But I tried them and good lordy they are Incredible!

My trainer even added them into my meal plan every day, because she knows if that chocolate monster comes looking then the damage can be epic! These Cookie Crumbs keep my cravings totally under control and give me something to look forward to. I now have desserts I can bring to a BBQ for EVERYONE to enjoy, even the kids love them and are none the wiser to the fact they're not getting riddled with sugar.

So my advice, the best way to stay on track is to remember that not all food has to be plain and tasteless in order to be healthy, and these Cookie Crumbs prove just that. :)


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  • Samantha

    These look delish! I agree with not all food has to be plain at tasteless. My treats include peanut butter or avocado + ricotta .. so creamy!

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