Takeaways when you're Gluten Free

Takeaways when you're Gluten Free

If you are following a Gluten Free diet then you know more than anyone the challenges that arise when you're popping out for Takeaways. Or just at the mall and need to grab a bite to eat. Gone are the days when excitement, joy or freedom is what you felt, it has been replaced with anxiety, dread and limitation.
"What am I going to be able to eat?" "Will I actually be able to eat anything at all?"
Well, here are a few Go To's that I have found in NZ.


Burger Fuel has a Completely Gluten Free white Burger bun! Wait, what?? YES!!! So you can even have a white bun! Don't ask me how just enjoy the find! 
And the filling? I know you guys are like, wait just a second there's always Gluten in the patties, sauces and other bits and bobs. But I am super excited (mostly coz I can now eat burgers) to say that their list of foods containing gluten is very minimal. Check out their site for that nutritional info.
Price wise, well being a Mum of 3 it's probably not a spot I wanna take the WHOLE family to for lunch, price range from $5.90 (without chips and a drink) - $16.90 per burger, and from what I can see there's no combo options. But for me eating out with a friend (even my vegetarian one!) I can justify that and feel satisfied as well.
All and all Burger Fuel is a TICK for eating out Gluten free!


OK Sushi is generally a good choice with a bit of knowledge about what on the menu you can purchase. 
I'm gonna be honest the only thing I really looked for on this menu was the Teriyaki Chicken..... that's the only one I ever get anyway! haha
Stay away from Katsu chicken,Crispy chicken, Crispy prawn, Fried Salmon, Inari sushi and there are a few other items that contain traces so check those out here. 
Price wise. Bloody fantastic. 
They have Sushi of the day from $5.70 for 8 pieces! And even have 4 pieces for the kids from $5. Definitely an affordable lunch spot when you're at the mall and needing to feed the whanau.



 Now this one is a bit trickier to give you proper info as each kebab spot is a little different in how they prepare their food.
The Rice plates are generally a safe option along with the Shish Kebabs and range from about $9.00 - $18.00.
Just make sure to ask about their sauces as most of these are made in house.


Who's your favourite?? Because guess what? If you're a pizza fan then you have choices!

Domino's, Pizza Hutt and Hells Pizza ALL have Gluten Free options for you to choose from!
So it all just really comes down to you trying it, yep that's right, you have my permission to go out on a pizza tasting bender. ;)
Domino's has already done the work for us with their Gluten free info too, giving us a list of the suitable toppings and regular pizzas. Cost is around $16 depending on your topping selections. 
Pizza Hut makes it a little harder for us to read, BUT they still have all the Allergen info available for us to spend 10 minutes on which is more than I can say for the takeaway up the road. Do yourself a favour and scroll down to the bottom where the helpful info that you can actually read is. Price range from $11.00 to $17.00.
Hells Pizza are by far the favourite amongst the Gluten free community that I have spoken with as they prepare their Gluten Free Pizzas in a separate area with separate tools and a very vigilant about cross contamination (yaaaaayy!) Most of their toppings are Gluten free, with the exception of a few that you can check out on their nutritional page
Price wise they are a bit on the upper level pizza end with one pizza being around $20.00 but if you've tasted a Hells Pizza then you'll know it's totally worth it! 

I am still getting my head around this whole new world of Gluten Free, but knowing that I can actually still have Takeaway and not send my body into a funk actually takes a bit of a load off. I can feel the relief in knowing what places I'll be suggesting to Eat Out. 
Because we've got better things to stress over than where we can eat. 



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    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • steph good

    So helpful to read through this, its a stress when your a newbie at being Gluten Free

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